Companies conduct campus drives to attract the best talent. They do it in the conventional way. Posting jobs, collecting CVs and holding interview sessions with the most eligible candidates. However, there is a small problem with this approach. The companies fail to connect with the candidates on an emotional level. Developing emotional connection with future hires is practical and holds strategic value. To do this, you need to clearly communicate your company’s purpose in your recruitment pitch. This attracts only those people who share your company’s vision and values.

“it is a privilege to be studying at higher education institute in Pakistan where only 4 percent of the population has access to higher education. You need to see problems in your city and country as opportunities. We identified one and called it Peshawar2.0. We aim to rebrand Peshawar and develop it as the most hospitable city of technology, design and art. – Faisal Khan, Co-Founder Peshawar2.0

We recently held a recruitment session at IMSciences (a leading business school in KPK) and instead of collecting stacks of CVs, we decided to CONNECT with students on an emotional level. Here are some of the things Faisal Khan (P2 co-founder) shared with students:

  • Why P2 exists (Our Purpose: To develop Peshawar as a talent hub for tech, design and art)
  • How P2 functions (P2’s strategy)
  • What do we do (Our programs/services/causes)
  • How can we help students in their career goals
  • Value of thinking long-term for careers
  • Why should people come and work with a diverse team


“Peshawar 2.0 came into existence when a group of young and dynamic Pakistani graduates from world’s leading universities decided to come back and serve the country, unlike others who choose to do the opposite. Our aim is transform the entire region through innovation and entrepreneurship.” – Faisal Khan
P2’s hiring session in tweets