Basecamp is our Headquarters. Not only does it serve as a working space for Peshawar 2.0, it also offers a co-working space for fellow startups, allows freelancers to work from a comfort zone and provides a platform for independent founders to turn their startup wheel. Basecamp’s café at hangouts is open to public, so if anyone is looking for a place to do their projects and assignments while sipping coffee, they wouldn’t find a better option. With the air-conditioner running at full speed and lightning fast internet; we make sure that whoever comes over, has an amazing experience.

Basecamp also hosts different community events. Take a look at our events page to find events or get in touch to book Basecamp for your event.







Basecamp has its own identity. It radiates a can-do attitude and a personality which is cool, tech-savvy and in with the ‘times’. It is the mother-ship where all the fun happens. We don’t like to put walls between startups and our staff because we believe that community is key, and Basecamp aims to nurture just that. With a ping-pong table, dartboard, ludo and playing cards at hangouts, folks at Basecamp always enjoy their time here. That is precisely why, everyone here likes to call it their “home away from home”

  • Story

    The Basecamp story begins with an attempt to hold a TEDx event in one of Peshawar’s reputable Universities. Our request letter for a venue gathered 11 signatures over a period of 6 weeks before we finally got a ‘No’. This happened at a time when we (at Peshawar 2.0) were looking for an office space. This was a moment of clarity. We could not keep asking Universities for venues whenever we wanted to organise events or huddles and if we wanted to work with startups, we needed to surround ourselves with as many as possible.

    This is when Basecamp was born. It was a hub that not only hosts Peshawar 2.0 and harbours startups but also provides ample floor space for events.

  • Culture

    The Basecamp culture emits an atmosphere of cooperation and community. It is both informal and easy going for everyone that comes here. You can choose your own work hours, take a break whenever you want and get yourself a cup of tea from the kitchen whenever you like it.

    But it’s not like we have no rules here. We have strict anti-fraud and anti-harassment policies at Basecamp. We also discourage partisan and any sectarian discussions at the space to make sure everyone feels comfortable working at Basecamp.


To sign up as an independent startup / freelancer or to book basecamp for your event, please get in touch with our community manager directly.

Basecamp, Arbab Tower,
Nasir Bagh Road,