Guest post submitted by Abdul Momin Raza, HND Business Senior at Edwardes College

NXTGEN gives you skills that will help you in shaping your life.  
Do you want to work 9-5? or do you want to decide your own work schedule?

The other day my cousin topped his 10th grade exam and I asked him what he had learned. He said ‘nothing’. It’s a fact that we have failed to recognize. Our schools are considered places to learn but fail to teach us very little which has relevance in a digital economy. Here’s the sad part. Schools and universities are only about earning degrees. And we’re not taught skills for life and career. A degree might get you a job, house, or money but it won’t always let you do what you love. NXTGEN is a creative solution to solve this challenge.


NXTGEN is an initiative that allows students to learn skills that will not only help them to survive but to thrive. I define NXTGEN as an alternative school or university which is fighting mediocrity in how we educate our young people. So how will NXTGEN help you achieve your goal? You learn by doing, creating, working, failing, teaching. It is all hands-on. You get to learn from entrepreneurs, designers, techies and artists in your community.

What does it take to be a NXTGENER? Simple! Individuals who want to be leaders and not followers. And want to make others’ lives better.  Risk-takers who are sick and tired of living a mediocre life. Dreamers who desire to change the world.

Why are we taught to be bankers instead of poets, office workers instead of bosses? Remember when we were young and used to say we would go after our dreams. Who convinced us that it was never going to happen? You had this fire in your belly when you were a child but someone (School/ Parents) turned it off. At NXTGEN, we will awaken that fire and make sure it stays on for good.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. – Apple’s ‘Think Different’ commercial, 1997


Guest post submitted by Abdul Momin Raza, HND Business Senior at Edwardes College