Recently, the talks and events organized by Peshawar 2.0 have mostly been related to science and technology. However, the events we organize are not limited to these two areas only. A couple of months back, we were brainstorming for the type of events we will be organizing and we decided that it will fall under any of these three broader themes – Technology, Design and Art. But somehow up and until now we have only organized events and talks related to technology.

To kick start the “art and design talk series” we wanted to invite someone who is well-known and has a towering personality in his/her own particular field. Who else could have been a better fit for this criterion than Zeeshan Parwez? We decided to invite him over for a talk on “the basics of video production” as soon we came to know that he is in Peshawar for a month-long vacation.

Zeeshan Parwez

Zeeshan Parwez

For those of you who (no matter how less in numbers) don’t know who Zeeshan Parwez is, let me introduce him. Well to begin with, he is the video producer for Coke Studio’s season 2,3 and 4, the director of Uth Records, a member of the band Sajid and Zeeshan, and the founder of a video studio called Zeepar. He has been highly regarded for his work in all these initiatives, and is currently among the most respected individuals in Pakistan’s media industry.

There is an overwhelming number of aspiring photographers and video makers in Peshawar, but unfortunately, very little is available to these young kids to bolster their raw talent. This was one of those perfect opportunities for such individuals to learn from industry experts like Zeeshan Parwez and network with other young video makers who might have something worthwhile to share.

Starting his talk

Zeeshan Parwez shared some amazing stories from his childhood that led him to believe that he is made for video production. He shared a video he edited using two VCRs instead of any video editing softwares. Back then he was only 13, but he saw in himself the spark to become an amazing video producer someday. He didn’t give up on his passion. This is why with time his love and passion for video production, instead of fading away, only grew stronger. He started experimenting with newer cameras and better technology. All this led him to grab on to smaller projects and videos, which paved the way for him to be taken seriously by experts in media industry. This transformed him into one of the most talented and inspiring video producers in the country. Ultimately, he got the much needed break in the form of Coke Studio, where he was the video producer of almost four seasons.  Furthermore, he shared some great tips and tricks on lighting, camera work and pre/post video production of documentaries, music videos and short films. Even the beginner level video makers could understand an otherwise technical talk.

Z.P describing his video with the audience

Z.P sharing his video with the audience

Peshawar 2.0 believes in meaningful discussions, which are not just limited to technology, design and art but also humanities and social sciences. It will be the start of a new era in the history of Peshawar towards becoming a city of technology, design and art.

And one more thing, this is not the end of the discussion… it’s just the beginning!