Biology is increasingly relying on computers to solve some of its biggest problems. Thanks to exponentially decreasing costs and increasing performance of different technologies, more and more data is being generated that needs to be analyzed (biology actually beats Moore’s Law by six times as of 2013!). This workshop is for absolute beginners who want to explore this exciting field and want to try their hands at a real world problem in bioinformatics. The course begins with a lecture to give the participants a foundation in the field. Participants will then try out two different problems to learn hands on how they could use existing tools and information on the internet.


Who It’s For:
    • Students in grades 11th & 12th
  • University students
  • Adults
You should attend if you are even one of these:
  • Are you a biology/biotechnology undergraduate who did not get a good introduction to the field?
  • Are you a non-biology/biotechnology student who wishes to understand what computational biology and bioinformatics is all about?
  • Do you want to understand what type of data and problem sets biologists need help with?
  • Do you want to understand how you can use bioinformatics to gather all available information about your gene or research problem, before you plan your laboratory experiments?
  • Are you a general enthusiast who wants to learn what is trending in biology
Workshop Facilitator:

Dr Faisal Khan is the founding Director and an Assistant Professor at the newly-established Institute of Integrative Biosciences at CECOS University, Peshawar. He holds a Masters and Doctorate from the University of Oxford where he worked at the interfaces of computational biology and cell biology developing tools to predict the role of proteins in cell division and potentially cancer. Faisal has worked at numerous institutions including LUMS, NUST, University of Peshawar and the University of Exeter and won several awards including the Oxford-Noon Scholarship and the Domus Award. His research interests include using protein networks to better predict gene and protein function and developing synthetic biology solutions to industrial problems in Pakistan.


What You’ll Get:
  • 5+ Hours of Hands-on Learning
  • Small Group of Motivated Learners
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Invitation to Creative Meetup
What You’ll Learn:
  • What is DNA? Gene? Genome?
  • The biology-digital interface
  • What are the sources of data in biology?
  • What are the computational problems biologists face?
  • A look at DNA sequence data
  • Hands on: How to start sequence analysis
  • Hands on: Finding other information about your gene of interest
  • Current trends in the computational biology space
  • This is a tailored workshop for absolute beginners and participants are only expected to know primary school science!
  • Starting from scratch, this workshop will bring you to speed with what is happening at the edges of biology in the 21st century.
  • This workshop will expose you to several new areas which you could take up as your research interest or career path in general.
What To Bring:
  • Laptops and chargers and a lot of excitement!
  • Participants might be asked to install some software ahead of the workshop to save us time
Date & Time:

Wednesday, February 18th (2:00pm-7:00pm)

Class Size:

20 People (to ensure that everyone gets individual attention)

  • Early Bird Price: PKR 1000 (until February 10th)
  • Normal Bird Price: PKR 1500
How Can You Get Tickets (in a number of ways):
  • Available at Basecamp, Arbab Tower, Nasir Bagh Road Peshawar. If you need directions, please call us at 091-5611942
  • Delivery of tickets at your doorsteps
  • Purchase your ticket by transferring the required amount using EasyPaisa