Revolt offers you the following unlike any other incubator around us:

  • Its run by Partners – not managers or staff – this means every minute spent with them is driven by passion, experience and the hunger to succeed.
  • It offers you a deep-rooted community and free space at Basecamp – one of the oldest co-working spaces in the country and your only go-to place in the province.
  • Cutting-edge Curriculum – Revolt’s curriculum is cutting-edge and has been developed using world-class material tailored for our context and iterated over and over again for years.
  • Access to Peshawar’s Angels – raising seed money for your startup begins at home with access to over 20 of KP’s richest angel investors.


Revolt caters to the needs of all startups individually. This means you can be having:

  • Just a promising idea that you want to try.
  • An idea with a team around it.An idea with an awesome team, already working on the product.
  • An idea, a team and a product less than 30 days from launch. • Already a launched product.
  • Already have sales and the need to grow.


Revolt includes 3 months of incubation/acceleration. We believe 3 months are enough to make or break your startup. The 12 weeks residential programme includes:

  • Weekly office hours
  • Weekly presentations and dinners
  • In-house trainings
  • Guest lectures and guest office hours

The programme terminates with a Demo Day that includes Angels from our network. This is a massive chance to raise funding from local and international investors.

Revolt - Summer 2018 Applications are now open!

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I am a student and have classes – can I join Revolt?

Of course, you can. In fact final year ones with FYPs are perhaps at the best time to try out building a startup! The schedule in our previous cycle was focused on Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning after 2pm late into the evenings.

I have some really cool FYP ideas. But what the hell is a startup?

FYPs can sometimes give you a really cool product, be it in tech, agriculture, software, design, art or anything. Startup is the young business you build around that product in order to bring it into the market and try to make money out of it – ‘monetize’ or ‘commercialize’ are the fancy words they use.

I have an idea but I am alone. Where do I get a cofounder?

Ideal startups have 2-3 cofounders but that is not a rule. Cofounders can be your project or class mates, can be a likeminded someone you met at a hostel, conference, or local event. If you are technical guy, your cofounder should be a business guy and vice versa, since that’s the main value they bring. Existing friends don’t always make great cofounders.

7%?? Why should I give up this much for #Revolt?

When you join Revolt, we get a minority stake in your company (7%; but that’s negotiable); this makes sure all of us try and work together to make your startup a big huge success. We only get something if you make it really big (7% of 10 lacs is only 70k; we might not want that). We want you to make millions, who knows a billion! Much more than that, this is an excuse for us to stitch a community of people who have been at Revolt. That’s what we need for our City. Its all about ‘Peshawar 2.0’!

I want to apply but I don’t want to share my idea.

The best thing you could ever do to your idea is to share with the right people who are in the game. They can immediately tell you if its worth keeping and working on, or throwing away and moving on. They can help you make it a reality if it has the potential. The very purpose of Revolt is to connect you to such people. Plus, idea is only 1%. 99% is execution. You can keep and store as many ideas as you can, or people can steal as many as they want, but what matters is who executed it and how well?

I want to build my startup, but I don’t have the money!

Who said you will use your own money? Startup founders and entrepreneurs, bring the idea and the sweat to execute it. Money is raised from investors who as for a small share in the company. If you win, they get a fair share in return. If you loose, they loose their money and you loose your effort (but keep all the learning and experience). Revolt helps you raise money from around 30 of the richest in KP alone, plus others in the country and internationally.



Social enterprise that aims to create an empowered community of differently abled people by equipping them with skills of tech, design and art.


Donatello provides arts, life and career classes to students.


Web-based platform for connecting verified and qualified tutors with students for tuition


Student advisory service for helping students in making career decisions according to their aptitudes, interests and job market realities.

Hujra School

STEAM school that aims to inspire kids to pursue careers in science, tech and art

Khpal Dukan

On-demand delivery service of groceries and naans.


Mobile app for schools for marking attendance and tracking academic performance.



BERA aims to redefine the traditional Peshawari chappal by rethinking the manufacturing process behind the hand crafted sandals to create a new breed of the remarkable chappal.

My Social Studio

My Social Studio is a web based tool to create compelling posts for social media, web and print. It combines easy to use features with localised support for over 100 languages to give small businesses a cost effective solution to their graphic design problems.


Snapeey is a marketplace for artists to sell their designs and artwork as t-shirts printed on high quality clothing material. Aimed at the Northern American market, Snapeey wants to connect local artists with international buyers.