The Peshawar 2.0 Team

Faisal is our CEO and the driving force at Peshawar 2.0. He is a strong believer in the power of technology and entrepreneurship and has an unwavering love for the city. Faisal is a biologist and has academic interests not just in genetic circuits and cells but also startups and ecosystems. Faisal advises on several boards including the KP Information Technology Board, the Higher Education Research Endowment Fund and the Advisory Committee for Science and Technology at the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He holds a masters and a doctorate from Oxford and has won numerous scholarships and awards.

Muhammad Uzair
Chief of Buzz

Uzair leads our marketing & communications wing at Peshawar 2.0. With a strong interest in New Media, he is responsible for leading our marketing & PR campaigns. This can range from creating iconic brands within Peshawar 2.0 to putting together quality events to help rebrand the city. Before cofounding Peshawar 2.0, Uzair was involved with a digital marketing agency in Leeds. Uzair is a Mass Communications & Business graduate from the University of Northumbria. His favourite thing about Basecamp is that it is only a few minutes away from the best tikkas in the city.

Bilal Ahmad
Community Lead

Bilal is P2’s Education Lead and our go-to person for design thinking sprints (one of the very few in KP). Born and raised in the Valley, Bilal is a design enthusiast and wants to revamp Peshawar through education, design and innovation. He has a Masters degree in Marketing and over 8 years of teaching experience. He teaches undergrads business courses. He also devours infographics, a salty mutton karahi, and is waiting for Boom Boom Afridi to invest in Peshawar.

Neelam Azmat
Sith Lord

Neelam, aka P2’s sith lord, is our full time talk to people, make things happen, go-getter person. She is a Fulbright scholar with an MPA from The Ohio State University. She hears the goals of all, envisions the big picture and then makes it happen. Being the youngest among seven, she is a self-proclaimed good listener and eternally cursed with not being taken seriously. She is on the dark side for the cookies.

Salman Ahmad
Campus Lead

Salman is co-founder and head of talent and research at Peshawar 2.0. Salman is responsible for promoting entrepreneurship and startups in universities, engineering campus ecosystems, and working with ORICs. He is passionate about education and public policy. Currently, he is conducting a research to find out how public policy can help create startup clusters. Salman holds an MBA and MS degree from IMSciences. Apart from Peshawar 2.0, he teaches at Edwardes College, the oldest educational institute in Peshawar, and writes for different blogs. Salman likes trekking up in the North and raiding those food streets down in the South.

Masood Ahmad
Number Cruncher

Masood is our numbers man, from finance and accounting to auditing, he’s got us covered full time. Academically, Masood is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) – UK. Dependable and competent, Masood is a hardcore foodie with limitless love for the Namkeen’s BBQ.

Muhammad Naeem
Head of Research

Muhammad Naeem is the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Peshawar 2.0. With an educational background in Social Anthropology, his 15 years career encompasses program design, implementation review, as well as monitoring & evaluation based on tangible evidence that empowers program management in ensuring meaningful decisions. Naeem has multifaceted experience in M&E for varied sectors such as in education, health, capacity building, social rehabilitation and vocational training to name a few, working all over Pakistan including in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Adel Khan
Operations Lead

Adel is our full time co-founder and part-time startup evangelist. He interacts with the world out there and converts them to the P2 culture. Currently pursuing his MBA, he applies cutting edge management concepts and techniques to his work. Unlike any other P2 person, Adel is not a foodie (WE KNOW, we think about disowning him too!) but has a great passion for tech art and design.

Bilal Farooq Khan
Digital Media Manager

Bilal is our in-house marketing & media expert. Whether it’s social media campaigns or video production, you will find Bilal coming up with great ideas. When he is not shooting video or photos, Bilal can be found digging through car parts in shoba bazar for his VW Beetle.

Darakhshan Uzair
Programme Coordinator

Darakhshan is a Programme Coordinator at Basecamp. She is an ACCA Affiliate, working towards her membership. Much like a coin, Darakhshan has two sides, one all nerdy and the other uber fun and creative. When she is not playing with numbers, she runs a production house with her best friend making awesome stopmotion animations. She is also an sfx makeup artist; cuts, burns, bites, she can turn you into the most gruesome zombie; that’s an interest she developed while binge watching tv shows!

Shafeeq Gigyani
Campaign Manager

Shafeeq is our PR and campaign management guy. He manages the media, strategizes for enhanced online and offline presence of Peshawar 2.0. With an MPA degree, Shafeeq is highly passionate about history, human rights technology, entrepreneurship and tolerance. You must know him from the taleemi dharna (In wake of 16/12 Peshawar massacre), each one should teach one or the razai che pukhto zda kro campaign.

Muhammad Jalal is Mayor aka Community Manager at Peshawar 2. Whether it’s managing the Basecamp, building P2’s community presence or keeping track of accounts, Jalal covers it all. Academically, Jalal holds an MS Degree in Human Resource Management but that does not stop him from learning more trades and expanding his skill set. He has professional experience in marketing, government liaison, logistic and financial management. When he isn’t running the show at P2, he is playing cricket or watching a Jason Statham/Sylvester Stallone movie. He takes his “heeyah” moments very seriously


Najiullah Khattak

Najiullah is the MD of CONFED and the cofounder of CONFED School for Professional Studies.

Maria Umar
Women’s Digital League

Maria is the founder of ‘The Digital League’ and one of Pakistan’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Mohammad Asif

Asif is a NUST Alum with stints at Stanford and the Valley. He is a software geek to the core and his products are used by millions worldwide.

Muneeb Khawaja

Muneeb is a Erasmus Mundus scholar with over 8 years of experience in the software industry.

Najeeb Ullah
UET Peshawar

Najeeb is a PhD from the University of Cambridge & the Director of the Centre for Alternative Energy at UET Peshawar.

Usman Raza
Prime Foundation

Usman is a graduate of Khyber Medical College and the Harvard School of Public Health. He is the Director of Public Health Interventions at a the Prime Foundation.

Ali Raza
Sweet Pixel Studios

Ali is the founder of SweetPixel Studios, a Peshawar-based startup that is working on Mobile and Web applications.

Riaz Khan
Agriculture University, Peshawar

Riaz is a Livestock Expert and a faculty at the Agriculture University with his work funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Usman Khan
Emperor’s Bazaar

Usman is a co-Founder at Emperor’s Bazaar.

Asad Iqbal

Asad is the Founder and CEO of Hiwaas, one of the fastest growing Web and Mobile application developing startup in the region.

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